Facebook will launch a feature ” Clear browsing history ” later this year


On the day of the days, thought Friday that it was ” wonderful ” to have an account on Facebook, but quickly to the day after the scandals of privacy, which the company found itself involved, it is not surprising that some think to delete their account on Facebook prevent the company from knowing more about them and share details on their own with others.

But if you still need to use facebook for business or just to stay connected with friends and family, it has to feel good and the satisfaction of knowing that Facebook is planning to bring more features that allow you to control your privacy to the social network later this year. One of these features is the ” Clear browsing history ” the long-awaited, which will allow users the possibility to scan the information about the applications and web sites that interacted with them through their accounts on Facebook.

This was confirmed by the CFO of Facebook, Mr. David Wehner, who said that the company will launch this feature later this year, but did not specify when exactly it will happen. He was CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg had earlier in detail this feature in one of the posts on Facebook.

” After the launch of this update, you’ll be able to check the information about the applications and websites that interact with it, you will be able to wipe this information from your account. You can also turn off the storage of this information in your account “. However, warned Mark Zuckerberg also to erase the browsing record, you may have a negative impact on your experience on Facebook where you will need the product to re-learn your preferences, but if you can live with that, you can require to this feature.


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