Facebook will launch the system my Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S on May 21, priced at$ 399

فيسبوك ستطلق نظاريتي Oculus Quest و Oculus Rift S في 21 مايو بسعر 399$

Facebook Inc. has announced yesterday at its annual developer conference F8 on the launch date of the system my virtual reality in the 21st of May next, to up both the glasses market at the same price which is$ 399 and unlike previous forecasts, which assumed the existence of variation in price by the time of the launch, where they will continue their company in 22 different countries during the same month, knowing they opened the door to pre-order consumers since yesterday.

The Facebook has revealed a system of Oculus Quest September 2018, where he characterized this as a stand alone and does not need to communicate with computer or text messages to track the external environment in its surrounding area to track a user’s movement and build own virtual reality.

The Oculus Rift S they are built to a similar design for 2016, but by adding many frequencies at the board level cameras and tracking property energy and provide clearer vision; but the consumer needs to have computer games to enjoy all the advantages offered by the glasses, as they are considered in its work on other devices.

Going to be the glasses available on the stores to sell there E-as usual, as was the case in the copy of the former, where she will continue on the Amazon Walmart Best Buy.

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