Facebook will not launch a coin Libres digital only with the consent and satisfaction of the U.S. government

Work Facebook to avoid any confrontations with the U.S. government in the event of the launch of the LeBron Digital announced the financial period.

فيسبوك لن تطلق عملة ليبرا الرقمية إلا بموافقة ورضى الحكومة الأمريكيةFacebook will not launch a coin Libres digital only with the consent and satisfaction of the U.S. government

Made by David Marcus, director of the Department of Technology block Qi in Facebook, by his statements before the hearing of the Senate about the work of the company regarding technical and specifically the work of LeBron digital that going around theM with the support of many large financial institutions in a move to facilitate financial transactions and transfer funds around the world. Assured Marcus that the company will not allow its currency formally only with the consent of the U.S. government.

Referred to David Marcus is also a director of care, the team of Facebook, which fall under the work of LeBron’s new digital.

As reported at the hearing, the Facebook US launches virtual currency to users only after the fears of the government and obtain approval for the full launch of the currency, also confirmed that they will be on a high degree of security because the companies that support the currency will not retain any user data other than control data of the underlying, as the company does not aim to mainly through its because he can’t put ads on them, but it will be a tool for money, not an investment.

And across David Marcus to Switzerland which care about digital currency will help in the organization of the work of the Libres which will have its center in Geneva.

It was the US central bank has shown concern from the launch of Facebook its currency digital, which is added to the list of the high-level gas are encouraging such things in the introduction by President Donald Trump.

To become the question now, is Will the American government to put the work and how will it reply Facebook status rejection in the future?



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