Facebook will not weaken the means of security and encryption of conversations in Messenger, WhatsApp

فيس بوك لن تضعف وسائل الأمان وتشفير محادثات في ماسنجر وواتساب

In response from Facebook on all of the United States, Britain, Australia said that it will not weaken the encryption techniques used in conversational applications Our is Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Where were the three countries had previously demanded that it ormake there an option or “buck” role allows devices to operational access for joint talks or accused in terrorist attacks or nationality and other.

Where the United States and Britain signed an agreement to force Facebook to decrypt conversations on Messenger and WhatsApp, in special cases, according to the report of the New York Times the end of last September.

Said Facebook that the label in order of the consultation in a particular area means to help a weakening of the word; where it is impossible to find subtle ways or buck the role of the device be limited only to law enforcement and government, explaining that the committee of this method is as valuable to hackers and hack home.

The other American firms may have objected to similar requests from the government earlier including Microsoft, Apple and Google.

In comes a reply after by the three governments that can be expected a strong reaction and acceptance to the statements of Facebook in particular that Australia had initiated a law requiring access to the data encrypted and the United Kingdom in regard to the authentication on similar laws in addition to that many of the characters American official called the need to break the encryption the from acts of terrorism and the exploitation of the perpetrators of the crimes of water.



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