Facebook will pay you money for recording your voice Don’t

Maybe the company has stopped Facebook from listening to talks users through the application of Messenger and stored, but they still need to audio recordings to improve speech recognition technology. So, the company is willing to pay the money to users for recording their voices in a new program launched by the name of “Pronunciations”.

Will be used for Facebook stand-alone application to perform this task, which is the application falls under market research, and will ask the eligible users registered the words “Hey Portal” followed by the first name of a friend from their friend list, and will have the user repeat the phrase twice, and do this process 10 times to earn 200 points, that is give you 5$ when you reach 1000 points.

Although you will not become wealthy if you contributed to this program, except that this is way interesting than Facebook to improve the skills of artificial intelligence without the use of users ‘ data without their permission, which is the first company to almost pay for the storage of the voices of the users.

Source: The Verge

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