Facebook will tell you how the consumption of advertisers and cause the display of every ad you

Provide a Facebook feature known as “Why am I seeing this ad?” Tell you some details about why show an ad specifically to you, but this feature will get a lot of plugins to raise the level of transparency from the way that consumption by the advertiser and the attention that has been profit with and more.

The beginning will tell you Facebook through this feature why you are being targeted by advertising, including what is the interest displayed by you and targets the advertiser and what are the labels that care about him and was targeting it, the most important is where he got the advertiser and Facebook on this information about you. And you can always unsubscribe with any advertiser you want so don’t be a target of the kiss again.

Secondly, within the Department of Ad Preferences developed a Facebook tab in a new Lister and shows you the advertising companies filed a list of data that is targeted by them. Let’s say you supplied the store with your email address, he can across a company advertising the lifting of the list of e-mail addresses and the targeting of owners declarations of custom.

It is the level of transparency of the new Facebook it allows users to unsubscribe to this potential through the settings – Ad Preferences, and then across the option to Advertisers and Businesses through the tab for Businesses who have uploaded and shared a list with your info you’ll find all the companies that filed data allows them to target you and then click on the company name and Privacy Options you can delete it.

The only problem here is that there is no easy way and get rid of all forms of targeted advertising, but you have to deal with them all at once separately. But at the same time keep it far better and you can control what shows you and how and why these ads have.

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