Facebook working on a similar platform for the Slack for high schools

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We know that I have a Facebook application Messenger for Kids source for kids but it seems that the interest of the company to develop more products for children is not over yet. According to a new report released recently from the Website The Next Web, it appears that the Facebook network is currently working on a test High School Networks for Messenger, which seems to be platform calls Meteor to the prevention of the Slack, but designed for secondary schools.

The idea behind this is it would allow high school students to communicate with other students in the same school or taking the same classroom. This means that users will be able to classroom discussion and assignments, similar to what apps like Slack have already users in companies and institutions.

Why is the reference to when will be the launch of this feature, but as explained by the site The Next Web, he has been hiding this feature is currently which means that Facebook is not quite ready to launch, despite reports that the water has entered the test phase already. And although it’s an interesting idea, but that the scandal privacy involving Facebook recently may impede the launch of this feature and its.

After all, we are talking here about high school students, which means that schools and parents may be wary about trying to Facebook to make their children use more of their services. In both cases you will have to wait and see what will happen in the end, but at the same time do you think that high school students may be interested in this feature?



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