Facebook you want to compete with Amazon, Apple, and Google by creating her own digital


At the moment, most of the companies have significant technical assistants digital. Amazon has the Alexa, Apple TV has Siri, Google has Google Assistant, while both Microsoft and Samsung digital assistants two Cortana and Bixby respectively. Unsurprisingly, that Facebook now wants to do the same thing. According to a new report released from the news agency CNBC, it has heard from its own sources that the company is already working on the development of the digital assistant.

Facebook has confirmed since then that this is true in the statement by the news agency Reuters as quoted a spokesman for the company said : ” We are working on the development of intelligent artificial voice which may be able to work on different devices, augmented reality and virtual reality, including the Facebook Portal and Oculus and products for the future. “

According to the report, Facebook is working to develop a digital assistant of its own since 2018, although it is still unclear when it can launch it. We must point out that this is not the first time that operate Facebook on a digital assistant of its own. Since several years, Facebook creates a digital assistant Facebook M to be used with the application of Facebook Messenger on towards the similar to the digital assistant Google Assistant, but unfortunately was not successful due to its limited capacity.

We’re not sure if Facebook will improve its new digital this time, especially after the scandals of privacy, which the company found itself implicated repeatedly, so we have to wait for a relatively long time before we know for sure.

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