Facial recognition feature in the Galaxy S10 can be fooled easily by a photo of the owner

Galaxy S10

With the Galaxy S10, it seems that Samsung got rid of iris recognition technology and rely instead on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen and face recognition. If you are planning to buy this phone, you must take into account that the advantage of unlocking the phone via face recognition may not be the appropriate way to secure your phone.

This is due to the video posted to his website MobiFlip.de on Twitter are planning a facial recognition feature in the Galaxy S10 with a photograph. Now to be fair, I didn’t turn Samsung lot about the facial recognition feature during the announcement of the phone, so it is possible that the company might have decided to do it on purpose because they use a primitive version Very of this water which does not rise to the level to which we all aspire.

At the same time, this is a bit disappointing because we see other manufacturers of smart phones, such as Huawei and Xiaomi are having some success with facial recognition technologies. However, we must not be quick in judging Galaxy S10 based on this video, it is possible that you Samsung improve this feature in the future through a software update. Add to that, that the Galaxy S10 features sensor fingerprint works with ultrasound, a sensor which is said to be safer than the sensor of the fingerprint visual.

Can fool the sensor and fingerprint normal visual using things like a picture of your fingerprint or the fingerprint artificial. The process is not exactly easy, but it is still a source of concern. But at the moment, it seems that facial recognition technology the safest and now is the Face ID used in the iPhone modern.

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