Facial recognition technology in the pixels 4 may work even when you’re asleep

Did not pass a few days to unlock my phone Google Pixels 4 and pic sender 4XL only began experiments on the phone, the first thing that has been tried is the facial recognition technology given the allegations of Google big about it especially because it works in collaboration with partner Soli new.

According to one journalist who tried the phone, which Chris Fox, facial recognition, in the Pixel 4 is not safe, where they open up the phone even in the case of sleep it means that anyone can open your phone once you put it in front of your face in your sleep!

Things funny they mentioned that the phone will open even if the owner is dead too! Of course, these allegations are very harsh to the point that all of the statements of this page and either lied to him or asked him to confirm! The man’s not too late where he published videos on Twitter prove it without saying a word:

After all this it turns out that this press may be mistaken, this is where that one follow-up call explained to him that Google has included an option to allow the phone to open the phone whether your eyes are open or closed, and simply you can uncheck this option to your phone as normal!

This calls ask.. why did you added Google this option of the foundation!

Source: Beebom

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