Failed acquisition of a company NXP will be the Qualcomm of about $ 2 billion


I tried Qualcomm almost two years ago the acquisition of the Dutch company NXP is specialized in manufacturing chips for Internet Of Things and cars. However, the suspension of the transaction by the Chinese government so that they will not use. So will Qualcomm to pay a fee. as a result, so that the entire cost of the American company leading in the design of the processors, the chips were $ 2 billion.

Qualcomm announced its consent on the purchase of company NXP in the month of October of the year 2016. The deal was valued at 46 billion USD, has already been to extend the deadline to close the deal several times where I’ve waited for both companies to obtain approval from regulatory bodies in China. Has agreed to other countries was a Review Page.

China has not issued a decision on this issue by the end of the deadline yesterday, don’t have Qualcomm plans to extend it again. If something happened, the acquisition process may pass, but is unlikely to know China for its approval of the deal in the next few hours.

On this subject, said Qualcomm CEO, Mr. Steve Mollenkopf said : ” We believe the termination of our agreement to acquire NXP when the end of the Convention at the end of the day, waiting for any developments in the actual fresh. “ It will be on Qualcomm to pay fees of almost 2 million dollars to buy NXP. Funds allocated by the company Qualcomm to acquire company NXP will be used by the company is now in the stock repurchase program.



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