Fake record growth in the number of transactions on the network EOS turned out to be spam

Recently EOS is ahead of its main competitor Ethereum on the number of transactions in the network. Do not hurry to rejoice — a short-term victory EOS was the usual spam attack. This writes Cryptovest.

The speed of the blockchain

Sunday EOS bypassed Ethereum and Steem, climbing to second place by number of transactions among all cryptocurrencies. On Monday, the coin became the leader of the chart, the total number of transactions exceeded BitShares twice.

According to EOSSCANNER, most of the volume of spam created by smartcontract Blocktwitter. Not to be confused, it has nothing to do with Twitter. Smartcontract just creates hundreds of transactions per second, some of them skips the message “WE LOVE BM”.

Team EOS has not yet issued its official comment on the incident. However, the network of cryptocurrency can withstand quite a load and uses only 0.68 percent of its capacity. But Ethereum with such a stream could hardly cope — the cost of transactions within the network of the coin a few times jumped to a record high level due to regular spam attacks.

On Friday, the Blockchain NEO have also been “tested”. Spam in the network cryptocurrencies has even suspended the exchange Switcheo, purse NEON and platform Effect Force. Team NEO has assured users that their funds are safe.

It is unknown what caused the load. We don’t know whether this is a bug in smartcontract or a deliberate act of sabotage.

EOS has repeatedly been criticized for a centralized blockchain. Anyway, the cryptocurrency has a high transaction rate. Earlier this month EOS can process 3097 transactions per second, while Bitcoin best cope with seven translations.


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