Fake Wireless Headphones Damage Warning: Brain Damage

تحذير من أضرار السماعات اللاسلكية
Warning of damages to bluetooth headsets

Assistant professor in the Department of Informatics "Plekhanov", Alexander Timofeev, announced that the main health risk posed by wireless headphones (bluetooth) is that they emit electromagnetic waves in the immediate vicinity of the brain, and added that this warning is for "fake copies" of high-quality earphones.

“If we assume that radio waves have an electromagnetic basis for their action, then surely there is harm,” he told the Prime Minister. In humans, the activity of the nervous system also has electromagnetic currents, and the number of people who suffer from magnetic oscillations only increases in nature. ”

Wireless headphones damage warning

Even in the last century, scientists found that there was an effect of electromagnetic frequencies on food and organic matter. Scientists in forty countries indicate that wireless earphones can cause brain cancer. The reason is that bluetooth is the source of a dangerous electromagnetic field, which in its characteristics can be compared to microwave radiation.

The expert noted that such radiation directly adjacent to the brain is harmful.

  • Quoted from (Russian Sputnik)

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