“Falafel” reveal the accuracy of the phone’s camera Pixel 2

Chose one of the users of the Google phone pixel 2 a set of images reveal the accuracy and possibilities of the camera phone “pixel 2” for Pixel 2, most notably –from our point of view Egypt – a picture for the taste or the falafel, which the camera pick up the details of the components of the interior with the precision and clarity.

Take pictures of falafel in the him famous in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is considered a falafel eaters popular and the invention of Israeli, and promote it globally as well, which make them with humus ground, unlike falafel or falafel.

It was a camera phone Google’s pixel 2 is able to capture the outer part crispy falafel, the details of the chickpeas ground in the padding soft interior color light green mixed with spices, revealing fine details clearly.

Picked up all the images in the different regions of Israel, the diversity between the buildings, farms, rocks and mountains which embraces the Dead Sea.

Phones pixel-Pixel is a smart phone running Android Android, Google took its design, development and marketing, has announced the Google phones Pixel 2 وPixel 2 XL on October 4, 2017, and put them in the markets on the 19th of the same month.

Camera phone Pixel 2 and the background accurately 12.2 MP, but the camera front-end 8-megapixel camera, and supports camera phone special geo-crown Geo-tagging, detection of faces Face detection, touch focus Touch focus HDR and Panorama.

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