Fall market? 12 of the 23 Korean kryptomere not been tested for safety

In late January, the South Korean government imposed a ban on trade in anonymous cryptocurrency. Since traders need to bind the virtual accounts to personal accounts, and the exchange must transmit information about the operations of the banks.

Now the self-regulatory organization, which oversees the marketplaces, conducted a review of exchanges for compliance with safety requirements. The results showed that only 12 of the 23 trading sites sufficiently protected from cyber attacks. This writes Bitcoin.com.

Bad news from Korea — what will happen to the market?

In the message of the Korean Association of blockchain and cryptocurrency (KBA) notes that only 14 of the 23 stock exchanges voluntarily agreed to be tested. We are talking about Dexko, Hanbitco, Korea Okcoin, Huobi Korea, Bithumb, Upbit, Neoframe, Gopax, Cpdax, Coinzest, Korbit, Coinone, Sunny7 and Komid. The last two exchanges have not passed the test for compliance with security standards.

The KBA staff did not check account exchanges and security — the inspection was conducted “on the basis of a survey of third-party experts.” Members of the crypto community has criticized this approach, analysis of activities of the sites, saying that the “check exchange”.

In response, the KBA has stated that it will extend the test for another month to gather more reliable data. This means that in theory, the market may not react to the negative news from Korea. How will actually learn in the coming weeks.

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