Fans Ripple and PayPal bet what platform is better

Twitter opened up a new scandal: this time users trying to determine the world’s best payment system. The applicants in the form of PayPal and Ripple are a huge number of supporters who put forward different arguments in favor of their projects.

Today XRP is trading at 0.269 dollar. For the past day the cost Aldona virtually unchanged. This year, Ripple is mainly showed positive market dynamics, the price of cryptocurrency for several months in a row is in free fall. The growth spurts too, has happened. For example, in September the rate jumped from 25 cents to 31. It was hottest in June: then the value of XRP has reached 48 cents.

Rate graph Ripple XRP early this year. Source: CoinMarketCap

Ripple vs. PayPal: who will win?

The dispute began with reports of the famous trader Tony Weiss. He criticized XRP and stated that Aldon slower world famous payment system PayPal.

Wake me when XRP will be faster than @PayPal. While it is not only slower, but has additional disadvantages in the form of market risks and high volatility.

Recall that volatility — an indicator which characterizes the variability of prices. If an asset is volatile, then its value changes dramatically. And in both parties.

Supporters of the Ripple, too, there were arguments. For example, a user under the nickname XRPistul said that his PayPal transaction was done three whole days, he took a big Commission.

To discuss even joined bot PayPal, apologizing for the situation.

It is worth noting that the transaction in XRP really only takes a few seconds. PayPal transfers also occur in seconds, but if they involved banks, the entire process can take days. Here's another plus in favor of the crypts against traditional financial services.

Last year the portal analyzed data on bandwidth, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies in comparison with VISA and PayPal. According to the results, XRP can handle on average six times more transactions per second than PayPal.

The speed of transactions compared to Visa. Source: HowMuch

The researchers commented on the results.

Surprisingly, Ripple took second place ahead of PayPal in 1307 transactions per second. It shows that Ripple can really become a viable payment solution on a much larger scale.

The discussion then touched on the subject of Bitcoin. Initially, the user under the nickname @stedas mentioned the story of another fan of Ripple. Last sent 33 thousand XRP in a Coinbase account his father, who immediately sold the coins and brought the money to the Bank account. It took about two minutes. In the opinion of a fan of Ripple, because of this custom case Bitcoin should never think the king, because he can’t do that.

Tony Weiss has replied here. According to him, Bitcoin’s many advantages amid Ripple. It is the impossibility of confiscation, limited the maximum number of coins, resistance to censorship and other advantages.

Compared to Bitcoin , and a Ethereum, Ripple is really deprived of the main advantages of decentralization. Aldona network is completely centralized and not consistent with the basic beliefs of the majority of cryptoendoliths. That is, in theory, the company management may affect a particular transaction and the availability of services for some customers. Just like the banks.

Yes, the network is suitable for fast payments, but the investment potential of XRP is slightly questionable. Read more about cryptocurrency, which hardly deserve investment, we wrote in this article.

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