Fans sign a football game in Switzerland to protest on electronic gaming ” eSport “


Games have become electronic A industry brings billions of dollars annually to the point that there are many people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and earn visas for the major conferences, as well as getting scholarships for universities. However, there are some who still think of gaming as a sport ” real“, or believe that it should not be investing a lot of money.

This was the case in Switzerland, where he tried to fans blocking the football match which was taking place between my team, young boys and Basel. Gave these fans the tennis balls hands control games on the floor of the stadium, as they raised the banner ” Pause ” to center on an increasing number of football teams that invest in e-sports or what is known as eSport.

For example, in the Basel team sports E-play for FIFA, while the American League Professional Basketball NBA possesses the A season his own electronic games, it is also expected that the host club Tottenham and championship sports E-in the court of his newly built so it is believed that such events will bring a large amount of money for the club.

However, it seems that the protest did not last long so that was stopped early for a few minutes only, but it is clear that, despite the progress that we see in the field of electronic games, there is a category of people who still perceive it as not a sport activity is illegal with the knowledge that there are talks about how it can in the end be part of the Olympic Games.


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