Fascinating facts about the company Shaw may pay you to love her!

Company Shao Chinese is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world right now and occupied sometime in the second place globally, this company is mainly in China and India where she could currently be a manufacturer of smart phones largest in India after the overthrow of Samsung which is trying to return. As for Egypt and other developing countries, this to buy day sales increase with this month. In this article a number of facts that will keep you Company if you know it will make you want to know more if you didn’t know.

Carry a record of Guinness

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Still company Shao Chinese download a record from the Guinness Book of World Records since the year 2015. The company said the Chinese time achieving record selling the largest number of units in history through a single platform during 24 hours, where the company sold during the width reduction on one occasion 2112010 unit within 24 hours via its website.

And broke the company’s on this day record for Alibaba which boat to sell 1.9 million units within 24 hours. Shawty sold on this day, about 700 thousand home computer and more than 200 thousand smart bracelet 38 thousand TV, to return $ 420 million in 24 hours, not bad to check this early in the day.

Shawty I decided to profit of only 5% of all their products

حقائق مبهرة عن شركة شاومي قد تدفعك لحبها!

Detection CEO of Shawnee last April that the company had taken a decision determining the profit of only 5% after tax on all of its products the beginning of smart phones and even home appliances.

This means the resolution that the company will not raise prices continuously every year just like you do for OnePlus which is the more famous and increase their profits, and will not be also such as Huawei that have reached their prices to the sky currently after becoming a big name. This news surely happy for the company and they will continue to offer products at a price very, very special to to offer. Certainly this also probably from the fact that it makes you think about the acquisition of products Shawty if you haven’t already done it.

The company relies heavily on the sale of accessories and special products in its stores which would bring them huge profits, so maybe this page won’t be losing to the giant Chinese also.

Bought the scope at a great price too

حقائق مبهرة عن شركة شاومي قد تدفعك لحبها!

Company had Shawty to buy a domain Mi.com 2014 and after that she wanted to enter different markets in the world under the name easier said than Xiaomi, which is difficult to pronounce and will not be considered distinctive for the various peoples far from China. The company bought a domain for 3.6 million dollars after that it is possible to provide this amount if you think about it since its inception in 2010. Pay the company also buy domain sell most of the products on the website Xiaomi.com so the total for him like a big thing.

And price range great it was at the time the most expensive domain in this year, but this price does not believe in any form of bulk when compared to domains other like insurance.com which was sold for $ 35.6 million which is about 10 times more than the scope mi.com.

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