Fast charging technology the latest from the company Huawei may be the fastest of all

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Looks like we got almost to the maximum density of the batteries in modern smartphones, so the implementation of the manufacturers of their funds in the search for new techniques allow to charge those batteries at a faster pace. There is a large range of techniques currently available in the market such as technology Super VOOC which were announced recently by the company for Oppo, which arrived with the phone Oppo Find X Lamborgini Edition to be that the technique of shipping the fastest ever. It’s no longer Shipping the battery with a capacity 3750mAh in 35 minutes only.

Well, you might relate to charging technology Super VOOC subsidiary of Oppo defeat by the fast charging technology coming from the company Huawei which is expected to come with the adapter for Huawei Power. It is developed by company Astec Electronics and received a certificate from the body of CCC of China. Show information included in the authentication certificate that it can operate in several modes, but the fastest mode is 10V/4A, which means 40 watts maximum. This means twice the speed of charging in series phones Huawei P20 Series of current which up to 22.5 watts.

We hope to come to the phone Huawei Mate 20 with the new standard, but there is no way for us to be sure of all this.



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