Fatal iPad 2… the price of success popular tablet

Center for contemporary arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco was Packed. 2 Mar 2011 Apple had to introduce something new, rumored new iPad model, but no one knew for sure. And suddenly the scene came Steve jobs. It was not expected… Actually, he was on sick leave, but for the occasion interrupted the treatment, hoping that a few days nothing bad will happen. His appearance was a surprise for the audience. Even for Apple employees. Those who in this performance was assigned the role of course knew about it – the event was preceded by weeks of rehearsals, which was classified not worse than the current developments of the company. For the rest it was a surprise.

In the beginning Steve looked fit and healthy, but towards the end it obviously got worse. He brought the presentation to end. Maybe this was his fatal mistake. But it is better than the new iPad did not submit to no one, and it was important.

Steve announced that “the third blockbuster post-computer era”, the iPad, became the biggest success in its history. The first two were iPod and iPhone. But 2010 was the year of the iPad, 15 million units sold in 9 months, the world began to change – there’s nothing else like it.

Now competitors have recovered from the confusion, and copy the iPad, sometimes even successfully, but now they will face something more perfect: the iPad 2. They can’t win…

To summarize the event, I will not, here is the video. Video length 01:13:36.

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How do they do it?

Several years before the described events, every year on the first of April, Apple was accused of ties with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. That Apple has done with battery iPad 2 at first glance, without the involvement of extraterrestrial civilizations has not done.

Judge for yourself: in the case of the first iPad almost all the space was occupied by a battery. Charge with a small set of chips was tiny. The first iPad case was a thickness of 13.4 mm. the Thickness of iPad 2 is 8.8 mm 1.52 times thinner. Length and width decreased by 1.5 and 4 mm. In the end, for the battery in the iPad 2 the place was smaller at least by a third. Nevertheless, she kept charge the same 10 hours (or 9 – cellular), and iPad.

Overcrowding – not the only one with interesting circumstances. The iPad 2 consumers energy was noticeably larger, and older consumers significantly improved appetite.

Usually Apple is proud to announce the compliance of its products with the requirements of the environment, but this time to talk about it did not. the iPad 2 was not dangerous to health, it would have discovered immediately after the start of sales, and was harshly suppressed them.

But there was nothing to brag about. Manipulated, albeit at the margin. Users have nothing to do inside the case, the specialists authorized services warned. The documentation says that to open the case is not recommended. Claims were not.

Not without casualties

Apple A5, the new CNC (computer on chip) designed by Apple and manufactured by Samsung, was built around a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, include graphics PowerVR SGX543MP2 (dual core too). RAM – 512 MB LPDDR2. The second level cache is 1 Megabyte. I this list not so much for the love of technical detail as to confirm what I now say: New KNK could not cost more than the Apple A4.

According to indirect data, the cost of the “stone” named the Apple A4 was about $ 15, Apple A5 in March 2011 it exceeded $ 25. Something had to give.

What? In 2011, this question was actively discussed and put forward various assumptions. When the “autopsy revealed” that unlike the first iPad displays iPad 2 are produced in at least four different companies, and the quality they are worse than the old one, the debate became the scale of a limited nuclear conflict.

The deterioration of the screen quality to see with the naked eye was impossible. Other from the evil one. It could be one of the victims brought for the sake of reducing cost.

But most likely, the most correct was the assumption made by several of the participants: donated dozens of dollars in profits from each instance, hoping to reduce the cost Apple A5 by increasing its circulation.

Anyway, but the victims were.

Clock frequency, Apple A5

The specs of the Apple clock frequency, Apple A5 and the number of processor cores… it was reported. It was amazing. Frequency according to official was 1 GHz. If that were true, Apple would sue, and win it.

In ARM Cortex-A9 processor frequency is dynamically changed, in contrast to the ARM Cortex-A8 Apple A4. The maximum frequency was 1 GHz. Most likely, in a carefully prepared and tested “at home” (in the Apple) tests it was achieved. This is enough to fend off lawsuits.

In the tests beyond the frequency never exceeded 894 MHz. But of cores there were two.

Geekbench result 2: in 32-bit tests first iPad was gaining 454 points, second – 721. Second faster at 58%. Not two times, but still good.

Since the iPad 2 has two cores, it makes sense to measure its performance in Geekbench 4. In performance tests single core (SC) iPad 2 scored 336 points in the tests from all cores (MC) – 579 points.


The iPad 2 has a camera. Two. I lost a bet. I was sure that the flat is a great device for the role of camera or camcorder is not suitable. The iPad 2’s camera really this role is not suitable, but formulated the matter in dispute was, as it turned out, not entirely correct.

The rear camera is officially called “camera”.

720p, 30 frames per second, only 0.7 Megapixels. That with its help it is possible to photograph, it was found experimentally, but the quality was still.

The front camera pointed at the user, called the FaceTimecamera. About its quality too, nothing good to say – but both cameras worked fine with FaceTime, due to which they were attached to the iPad.

IPad screen on an external monitor

In the presence of the Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter, depicted on the iPad 2 screen can be displayed (one to one, with no ads and other nonsense) on the external display or the flat screen TV.

In the video shows the HDMI adapter, but whether it is any of these two, I was not able to install. I do not remember about HDMI adapter connector for recharging the iPad.

I probably missed something.

To be continued

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