Feature AirPlay may become more intelligent through the stop devices that you want to use


AirPlay is basically a response to Apple on the Bluetooth, this feature allows users to broadcast content from one device to another, assuming that both devices support this feature. For example, through AirPlay, users can stream movies or videos or songs from iPhone or iPad or Mac to another device, such as speakers, and Apple TV, etc.

This feature works largely as intended, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, that patent was discovered by Apple Insider indicates that Apple want to make feature AirPlay smarter by predicting devices that is broadcast to it usually. For example, if you’re Streaming Songs through the Apple Music to speakers that support AirPlay at home, you’ll know this feature is that the speakers are your favorite device will broadcast the songs to it automatically without any input from the user.

The same can be said for apps, where if you use the feature AirPlay usually broadcast application from the iPhone to the Apple TV, you’ll learn this behavior, and in the end, will be broadcast automatically from the app to the Apple TV the next time you open it. According to the description of the patent, he says : ” although the storage of many applications may allow a mobile device to be particularly useful to the user, it may be difficult for the user and may take a long time to load and execute an application or a given function among all the available applications stored on the mobile device “.

However, there is no way to know whether a feature, AirPlay, will become more intelligent in the future or not, but undoubtedly one of such improvements in lifestyle that have not been in to see her.

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