Feature Cameo in Snapchat allows you to embed your face in a photo animated GIF


It is not difficult to convert photos into animated GIFs, but if you want to integrate it in the GIF image again, it will be difficult. However, it seems that Snapchat decided to offer some help in this aspect because it turns out recently that the company you choose a new feature called Cameo that will add your face in foundation to a GIF image.

As explained by the site TechCrunch, and features Cameo new Snapchat-like providing a meal ( Deepfakes ) where you are installing someone’s face on the body of another person. However, using the mechanism of providing the meal Deepfakes artificial intelligence to help make them look more natural and smooth, while the feature Cameo look like a feature a traditional.

However, this is not a bad thing necessarily because we believe that the establishment of this water in the foundation to be enjoyable instead of trying to fool everyone else to believe that you are. Users will be required to capture the image of the character is used then in the picture animated GIF so that there will be many options for users to choose from.

He assured us company Snap Inc since then that this feature already exist, but explained at the same time it is still being tested and not available to everyone yet.


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