Feature conversions smart finally reach the development of Netflix on the iOS platform


The launch of the feature transfers smartphone development Netflix on the Android platform in the past year. To enable this feature the app delete episodes that have been downloaded automatically and the user is already replacing it with the next layer of the same width when the touch’s WiFi network. This feature allows users to increase the storage space on their servers to make sure that the latest episodes of their shows my favorite is always available for viewing in the put away. This feature made its way finally to develop Netflix on the iOS platform.

It became possible to download content from Netflix to view it in more in 2016. I easy this feature is on the participants to bring their favorite shows with them even for places where there is no internet connection. It’s definitely one of the useful features in this service. Does not support all the content seen in put away, but it can be download the vast majority of content available in the library of Netflix and watch it when you’re not connected to the internet.

Users can activate the feature transfers smartphone through the Downloads section ” Downloads ” in the application of Netflix on the iOS platform. This feature does not only provide storage space, but sing users manual deletion for the old relations that saw it and not worry about downloading the next episode on their own.

What if you want to watch a certain episode several times? You only need to disable the water from the Downloads section in the app will keep the current relations as they are.

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