Feature ” do not disturb while driving ” in the iOS system 11 has a positive effect on drivers

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One of the features that arrived with iOS system 11 is the ” Do not disturb while driving“, this feature works on blocking notifications related to messages and calls when it detects the phone you’re driving, and this feature so to avoid distracting the concentration of the driver. But the question is, do users benefit from this feature?

According to a study survey conducted by the insurance company EverQuote, it seems that this feature has resulted in a positive effect, albeit small. According to SCout, it turns out that 8 percent of those who have this feature have indicated that they used their phones less while driving, or at least less than it was before adding this feature.

Found the poll also that 75 percent of respondents indicated that this feature to make their driving experience safer. However, the ratio of the 8 percent number is fairly small and can depend on other variables, but we assume that it is up to the driver because he is the one who decides in the end whether it wishes to benefit from this feature on or off.

The interface Apple has filed a lawsuit in the past she’s been accused of not doing anything to prevent the use of features like FaceTime while driving. In the following year, the Apple issue the feature ” do not disturb while driving“, even though we as we have said, if he’s insisting users to use their devices even under serious conditions, in reality there is a lot which can be done by Apple.



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