Feature electrocardiogram in the Apple Watch Series 4, now available for use

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

One of the outstanding features in the Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to make the diagram to. Confirmed Apple when you announced this feature for the first time that it will be available only in the United States, as they won’t be available there too when all. After several weeks of the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, has become a feature diagram to now available for use.

In fact, I’ve made Apple today released an update WatchOS 5.1, an update that activates the feature of electrocardiogram on a smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 not approved for this feature by the food and Drug Administration in the United States of America. It should be noted that the Apple Watch Series 4 is the first smart watch that allows the ability to make a diagram to jump directly from your wrist.

Users will be able to get to read an ECG by placing the item on the button ring on the side of the arena for 30 seconds. Will give you the app after that reading. It can analyze heart rhythms and inform the user if his heart is the rhythm regular or irregular.

We will store all the readings in the application of Apple Health so that they can be easily shared with physicians when needed. As we mentioned earlier, this feature is only available for users in the United States. It remains to be seen when Will Apple provide the feature of electrocardiogram for your Apple Watch Series 4 in other countries.

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