Feature Face ID in the future may include examination of the veins in the user’s face

iPhone X Face ID

At present, using Face ID as well so that it is very difficult to deceive her. However, that doesn’t mean she is perfect, but if it was patented a new invention has been discovered recently, implying something, they are implying that in the future can make a Face ID more accurate and safer.

According to patent these, they are describing how you can improve the property of Face ID in the future, instead of just conducting a survey to face the user, it can be used also to conduct a survey of veins in the user’s face. This will be done using the transmitter optical will remain several pulses of infrared light which is reflected from the veins of the user, and this is what we assume it looks like a hand concept of how to measure the hours Apple Watch heart rate have wearers.

Apple States in the patent that the process of authentication based on veins, is more accurate because of the complexity existing in the vein patterns. This means that it will be difficult for someone to attempt to deceive her. When the feature of Face ID, the company said the Apple that she worked with many of the makers of the masks to try to invent ways to prevent spoofing feature of Face ID.

Through the examination of veins, it means that until the bomb is made well and won’t be good enough to fool this technique, can also use it to distinguish between the Twins, a problem that has failed to feature Face ID in solved currently. Anyway, there is no confirmation that Apple will add the technology to examine the veins to the feature of Face ID, but it looks like the upgrade is useful and interesting.


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