Feature is True Tone on the computers of the MacBook Pro will extend the company’s external

LG Ultrafine 5k

When Apple launched the iPad Pro, the company also supply this device a new called True Tone. Think this screen mainly on sensors to help correct the screen to reflect your surrounding environment better. This is due to it under certain lighting conditions, may be off color that you see on the screen, will help the technology ” True Tone ” in correcting it.

Since then, I brought the Apple TV this feature to the phones iPhone new computers, MacBook Pro, modern, the good news is that it seems that external monitors will be able to take advantage of this feature is yet to be linked with the computers of the MacBook Pro new. What this means is that if you work from home, but you want to work on a larger screen and you don’t want to abandon the True Tone, you must help this new feature in processing it.

However, the news is not good news is that this feature will not work with all screens existing in the market currently. In fact, according to Apple, the new feature will only work with three monitors at the moment are : Apple Thunderbolt and LG UltraFine 5K and LG UltraFine 4K.

Given the price of these screens, it means that not everyone is able to enjoy a new water right, but if you use any of these screens, take into consideration that it will be bringing the feature is True Tone.



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