Feature News Camera allows paid content visible Smiley on Twitter

Started Company Twitter in the development and improvement of features of the camera in the social network with the advantage of News Camera that allows users to record videos with creative content and original broadcast live the same experience possible for Snapchat.

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Using the company Twitter to bring a new feature for the car in the Twitter application, which can be activated by swiping on the main screen, where the user can take a picture quick, or a quick registration for video content, with the advantage of live streaming video before watching the content in the user file.

Comes new improvements in the camera of Twitter to attract users for the camera from new to create new content and share it on social network, through a feature known as News Camera, where users with the same experience provided in the application Snapchat.

It is expected to provide that water users experience trying to broadcast media channels or my channels, for example, as allows to take pictures more personal or surname of the actress that come out in response to an event, which will support users in the end to deal greater in the young Ames.

Also expected to attract original content and innovative in full control of Twitter advertisers pay the advertising content on the Twitter network social.

Has revealed the first models to feature the new Twitter News Camera through the media adviser to the social network Matt Navarra during the last week, as confirmed on to feature camera-new support users in the fast scrolling on the Home screen to pick up and record everything around you, and then add a description, illustration followers.

Also users can choose one of the backgrounds possible in color and diverse, or the card that can be glued to clarify the description of the content before publishing, also confirmed the tensing of TechCrunch recently that the feature is still under development at the present time, as confirmed by a spokesperson from Twitter that the new feature for the car is not completed fully developed yet, so can’t emphasize on a specific date to launch a new feature to the users.

Recall that Twitter started to make progress in the performance of the social network in general in the recent period, where the company began to earn profits after having passed a long period of repeated losses.


I know of

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