Feature of Dark Mode appear for some users of Google Drive

خاصية الوضع المُظلم تظهر لبعض مستخدمي قوقل درايف

In the past two years was Google intends to feature white in their applications, but with late last year things developed and became the characteristic dark or actually dark required attribute amongst the users, where Weekly we see a new application needs to the University The Dark by providing its time and a dark gray or black to the eye sensitive to those who want it most to save battery especially with the AMOLED screens.

Now the situation appears dark for some users the application of cloud storage “Google Drive” on the Android platform, therefore this situation still in the testing phases of the first, and soon from now, I got the app on the new update provided with the design of Google New, without the development for Dark Mode.

Overall and as you can see via the images below, the application interface is inverted completely for the color, dark, design has been all the menus are commensurate with the characteristic dark, it is worth mentioning that there isn’t any problems reading the text as seen in the dark mode in the other application “Google Image”.

Finally, this add-on is not yet available to issue the APK for the application, so it seems it’s server-side, and due to this it is recommended to download the latest version of the application Google Drive by navigating to the page of the App Store from here.

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