Feature Screen Sharing now available for Skype on the platform Android and iOS


Continue Microsoft to bring more features to the Skype app on the personal computers to the Skype app on mobile devices, the latest feature to be subject to the same treatment is the Screen Share feature. Thanks to the new update, you’ll be able to watch what appears on the screen of your smartphone directly within any conversation. This will be a new feature available in the menu at the bottom right of any conversation.

Include the other additions that come by this update the new user interface cleaner and contain less during the conversations to get a more immersive experience. Double-clicking on the screen to remove all complexity so that everything is hidden, except for the video of the person who is talking to him. Will let you the new list also activate and deactivate other new features such as call recording and subheadings ( Subtitles ).


The new update for Skype now available already for download on the iTunes store the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. However, it should be noted that this update requires having a device running iOS 12 or higher, or Android Marshmallow or higher version.


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