Feature ” Siri Shortcuts ” may not be available for full functionality on the iPhone old

Siri Shortcuts-teaser

One of the new core features that came with iOS system 12 are Shortcuts Siri better known as Siri Shortcuts. Somehow, you can think of this feature as similar to feature Routines in the digital assistant Google Assistant where users can add a set of actions grouped together under one order, which means that users can do multiple actions at once.

Unfortunately, if you used your iPhone is old, it seems that the Shortcuts Siri ” Siri Shortcuts ” will have limited functionality on your device, and in this case if they actually work. This according to the publication on the social network Reddit, which is the publication that revealed the developer Federico Trevisani that the Siri application Shortcuts consumes a sizable amount of system resources which may make some of its features don’t work on the iPhone old.

I made it to the vice president of the software division at Apple, Mr. Craig Federighi, who assured him in one way or another his doubts by saying that while trying to Apple to ” bring the largest possible number of software to the largest possible number of devices“, it is not always possible as is the case with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

This does not mean that the Shortcuts Siri ” Siri Shortcuts ” won’t work fully because it also refers developer Federico Trevisani, he was just asking about a specific feature of Siri Shortcuts, so as we said, We can simply get limited functionality on older devices. In both cases, we won’t have to wait for a long time before we know for sure because it is officially confirmed that it will be the version of iOS update 12 official for all compatible devices as of next Monday, corresponding to September 17.



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