Feature story coming development of Airbnb travel and tours

خاصية القصة قادمة لتطبيق Airbnb الخاص بالسفر والرحلات

Was a feature story exclusively thought for snapchat, but it turned out to be a distinct form for various applications. It started by Facebook of water in their applications, then Google, and now it comes to apply Airbnb, which offers accommodation for travellers.

The application is considered the Airbnb of the most popular apps for travelers and owners of trekking, where it is considered as a special market for landlords to rent their properties to travelers all over the world, which applies with ordinary people who rent small rooms or even common areas for travelers, which makes it an important place for travelers to book their accommodation.

It features a application that provides people the possibility to get a place to stay in various places away from hotels and their prices or their services to the traditional, which a lot of travelers the best of them.

Will feature new story to add to the travelers and the owners of the leased premises, where they will be able to add audio and video within the story to serve as a video has been produced to talk about the trip or the Office. Which will help the researchers for a place to stay to know him better by accessing it through the audio and video within the story.

This property is currently available to some users for testing and will be available for the rest of the users later.

Airbnb قصة

The feature story is coming to develop the Airbnb travel excursions appeared first on the tech world.

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