Feature story on Facebook up to 500 users a day

ميزة القصة على فيسبوك تصل إلى 500 مستخدم يومي

Maybe you don’t think a feature story on the main app of Facebook is the water the best, but as it appears the water has a large number of users daily, unlike average, where said Facebook that there are 500 million users a day to its network key.

Stated Mark Zuckerberg dump on this topic during the discussion of the financial results for the first quarter for his company, and is the number you have reached this water on the core product of the company as a huge number being grow slowly, as it reached 300 million users per day in September last year.

Since the Facebook by stories feature of Snapchat application and is check the numbers large, but to apply them the other Instagram where they and WhatsApp, but it is becoming more vogue now on the mother network similar to other applications.

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