Feature Timeline.. do you succeed to property of the new Windows?

When we started to learn about the details of the benefits of the New that is coming in the updates System Windows last year drew our attention a property Timeline, that’s the property that’s finally coming in the updated Redstone 4 of Windows 10.

And the new property to open the software to begin with from where I stood, where you will be able to do this across your devices via cloud storage across your Microsoft account, which means you will be able to stop working on the situation in your home and go to your job and complete the work directly is very easy.

Despite the fact that the property in the beginning did not look promising however, according to experiments on the copy developers proved the opposite. With this property, you possess a desktop, a laptop, and you can complete the design or to read the document like you used the same device which makes the property useful for most of us.

Achieve use of the property

Although Cortana had already a similar feature to this feature only it wasn’t the organization just as in the Timeline, where she was random to a large extent also that cortana is not available in a lot of States when now.

Also review the history of your work with the applications during a 30 day is great and useful, but here there is an important point, most will stop -at least now – on applications that you use, if you use Office programs and the browser Edge than Microsoft and those who support the property Timeline they will benefit greatly unlike from uses Google Chrome which does not support the feature yet and services of Google such as Docs and Sheet, and they don’t need this water from the foundation.

Support applications water is the most important step

The advantage of Timeline that will come with the update Redstone 4 for Windows 10 platforms this spring need to support the developers even succeed, achieving benefit for all of them and not the users of Microsoft software just has to be the most important goal.

Having some advantages such as the My People, which were released months ago and was not supported by any third-party companies raises doubts about the future of the feature Timeline and support the companies do not, so it is possible to ignore companies like ignored My People, which is something we just have to wait and see what happens.

This theme features Timeline.. do you succeed to property of the new Windows? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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