Feature to prevent tracking in the browser Safari the cost the advertising companies millions of dollars


One of the new changes that the Apple issue with iOS system 11 find browser update Safari to add ” feature to prevent tracking “. This feature is designed to block ads and websites from tracking users on the internet as a whole, this means that for every site you visit does not have the ability to track what you do on other sites except their site.

It is not surprising to find advertisers unhappy due to the launch of the Apple for this feature, and now according to a new report released recently from the Guardian newspaper, it appears that this feature was not very serious consequences on the advertising companies where it was said that this feature would have cost these companies millions of dollars in revenue. Given the number of iOS devices existing in the market today, it is not surprising to find out that this feature such a big influence.

Speaking to British newspaper The Guardian, said Mr. Dennis Buchheim Director General of the Office of interactive advertising in the company Interactive Advertising Bureau : ” there will certainly be some continuing efforts to circumvent it, but we recommend a more sustainability and responsibility in the short term. We also want to work across the industry ( including Apple ) on the long term to address more powerful, targeted ads across devices and provided measurements that are also consumer-friendly “.

Apple is not the only one trying to cut these ads creeping or ads in general. And companies like Google also to add features to prevent ads that do not comply with certain guidelines. Not only does it block all ads, but the ads are annoying spammed, hopes Google Inc. through this change in the way of display advertising on web sites.

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