Feature to sync the words with the song appear on the Apple Music app for Android before iOS

apple music

The Apple today updated the Apple Music app on the Android platform in order to add two new features.

Got the app now on night mode ” Dark Mode“, which uses a black background color throughout the app, which is in stark contrast to the reality of the basic bright white for the application. You can activate Night mode ” Dark Mode ” permanently from the settings or you can adjust it to work with the feature to save battery in your phone.

The new update also has a feature to sync the words with the song, a feature that you synchronise the words with the song. Moreover, it has now been further re-design of the screen the lyrics of the songs fully so that it now contains the text of a large covers the whole screen.

In the case if these features are familiar to you, it is because he was advertised as part of the iOS system 13, which was announced by Apple at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 in the month of June last. Was introduced both features on stage will be issued to users of the Apple Music service on iOS devices with the iOS update 13, which will be launched later this year. Somehow, it has decided to Apple to bring these new features first to Android users rather than users of iOS, this is unusual of Apple. These new features began to appear for some users the Android at least, and is likely to appear for the rest of the users in the coming days and weeks.


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