Feature video chats collective began to make their way to the users of WhatsApp on the Android platform,


Please WhatsApp since a long time for users to conduct voice conversations and video chats, but make sure only recently that WhatsApp will soon allow users to make video conversations collective conversations, collective vocal. I started this feature to appear on the stages of the iOS users, but according to modern standards, it seems that this feature has also begun appearing in some users of Android as well.

No one was surprised when it was revealed CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s annual developers Facebook F8 to feature video chats collective will to WhatsApp soon. Already been watching this feature before in a number of leaks, and monitored also in the source code for WhatsApp on the Android platform. And WhatsApp, now change-out the server that allows this feature to users on platforms Android and iOS.

It was the initial reports had mentioned that the feature video chats collective is only available for users of iOS, but now it appeared other reports say that this feature became available also I have some users Android of the trial version of the latest from WhatsApp.

Start a conversation group video or voice conversation groups is a very simple task, all you have to do is click on the icon to add a contact person in the top left of the screen when in a call with someone, and then select the contact person you want to invite. It is reported that this feature is displayed slowly to users, so it will take some time before it gets all users of WhatsApp all over the world.



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