Features 5 beats out the Galaxy Note 10 to 11 iPhone Pro

Announced the Apple TV last week about the lineup of phones new for this year, which include: iPhone 11, andiPhone 11 Pro, andiPhone 11 Pro Max, while already by Samsung at the beginning of last month announced the latest phones of Note series Note, and the Non-Public announced this year for a phone two new series, the first: phone (Galaxy Note 10) Galaxy Note 10, and the second: the phone bigger (Galaxy Note 10 plus) and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

For the specifications and features of iPhone 11 Pro – which is the main phone in the lineup of iPhones for the year 2019 – and specifications and features Samsung’s main safety Note 10, you’ll find that the comparison tends to favor the Samsung.

Enjoy iPhone 11 Pro new with many features, most notably: the most powerful wizard ever, cameras improved a lot, the battery live longer by about 4 hours compared to the phone iPhone Xs which was launched last year, though beats have the Samsung Note 10.

Here are the top 5 features of the Samsung Note 10 iPhone 11 Pro:

1 – bigger screen:

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5 ميزات يتفوق بها هاتف Galaxy Note 10 على 11 iPhone Pro

Think Screen Super Retina XDR new in iPhone 11 Pro best screen made by Apple so far on iPhone, but Samsung of the most important leading companies in the production of screens, so it is considered the most important characteristic of its phones is the screen.

Beats the Galaxy Note 10 phone iPhone 11 Pro in screen, where come-screen display full featured, size 6.3 inch type Dynamic AMOLED display, the phone comes biggest Note 10 Plus the screen the huge size of 6.8 inches. While the phone comes iPhone 11 Pro screen new OLED call it the Apple TV name (Super Retina XDR), the size of 5.8 inches only, which is less than the size of the screen of iPhone 11 the least price.

2 – internal storage largest:

سعة تخزينية أكبر

Have all of my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus with a capacity of internal storage start from 256 GB. While starts of all of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with a capacity of internal storage of 64 GB, which is the smallest internal storage found in leading phones.

In addition; calls Galaxy Note 10 Plus to add external memory cards MicroSD up to 1 TB, which is lacking in iPhone.

3 – Pen S-Pen:


Although the leaks that appeared before the announcement of Apple about iPhone New have reported that the iPhone 11 will Apple Pencil, but that didn’t happen, while the Galaxy Note 10 وNote 10 Plus support stylus pen S-Pen enhanced that can recognize gestures, in addition to jot down notes and easily.

4 – wireless charging reverse:

5 ميزات يتفوق بها هاتف Galaxy Note 10 على 11 iPhone Pro

This is another advantage of the alleged leaks, she will be there in iPhone 11, but she didn’t move. It is worth mentioning that this feature offers the users the possibility of charging other devices such as wireless headsets and smart watches through phone by putting them on the back.

Provided Samsung this feature in a series (Galaxy S 10) a description of the series (Galaxy Note 10) that supports wireless charging using the Chargers Qi, just as is the case in iPhone 11 Pro.

5. non – availability version of the 5G:

Despite the new features announced by Apple in a lineup of new phones, but they did not provide a copy supports the 5G, while a lot of its competitors versions already in the market.

So if your budget to buy a new phone up to 1299 dollars, you can get the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, which supports the networks of the fifth generation, where you can enjoy the speed of internet is higher in a growing number of cities where it is the application of 5G networks, this thing will not get it in the iPhone until 2020 at the earliest, although Apple didn’t announce its plan on this matter until now.

In spite of all these features which we have mentioned, except that the iPhone 11 Pro beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at some points, most notably:

1 – the most powerful processor A13 Bionic:

As usual, work iPhone the strongest Wizards, and this year, Apple addressed the new A13 Bionic, which provides faster performance by 20% in CPU graphics, compared with the treatment of the A12, which operates iPhones to 2018. Also supports also the editor of the nervous faster to upload photos, videos, intraday, which helps in getting pictures and videos of the best quality.

2 – the most sophisticated cameras:


The most important characteristic of a phone. iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max this year is a range of new improvements in the camera, which includes: design of triple lenses, and software development responsible for the process of the camera system, which will make the performance of this camera is the most impressive in the history of the iPhone.

Featuring all of my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, rear camera, three lens supports many new features, but the improvements announced by Apple in addition to the power of its possible to make phones better at this point.

But keep in mind that the iPhone 11 never put on the market yet, and still waiting for its arrival to conduct the necessary tests, and to compare it with Samsung phones.

3 – longer battery life:

عمر بطارية أكبر

The Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus a strong performance in the tests batteries conducted by many of the tech sites, but Apple is massive increase in battery life in my phone iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The company says: “it expects to increase battery life in iPhone 11 Pro up to an additional 4 hours and 5 hours additional telephone 11 Pro Max compared to the battery of the iPhone Xs for the last year.

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