Features an entirely new design .. Google intends to detect device Pixelbook new beginning of the next month (photos)

In addition to phones Pixel 3 andPixel 3 XL the Google think over conference – held on 9 October – reveal a number of other products most notably may be the new generation of Chromebooks own Pixelbook.

According to the doctor, it posted a AboutChromebooks , this generation of devices Pixelbook – which will carry the name of Nocturne – will be retarded significantly from the previous generation. It is in fact a tablet with a keyboard amenable to training and removal through the bottom of it.

While all the details of the gear are still unknown to us, except that the Nocturne will certainly perpetrators of UCB-C in addition to the socket variety Pogo for the installation of the keyboard. In addition to the speakers voice, it will be equipped with sensors fingerprint on the top edge of the screen, and certainly it will be running Chrome OS.

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The new design, Google intends to disclose your Pixelbook new beginning of the next month (photo) has been published first in are.

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