Features Digital Wellbeing from Google supports more devices

For the first time we saw the ad about the features of the Digital Wellbeing of Google, was at its own developer Google I / O, 2018 for the fiscal year, to be this feature is designed to help Android users monitor the use of phone applications, and through this feature you can also activate Do Not Disturb mode, manage your notifications and take advantage of al of the gray runway.

And for a time was the advantages of Digital Wellbeing limited on phones, Pixel and Android One, but it won’t be long this thing, where, according to interview published by Google today on their blog, announced that the company support more devices for this feature including phones Motorola Moto G the next 7.

The company also noted it is working with partners to bring this feature for more phones, which include phones Galaxy S 10 and Razer Phone 2, to get the phone to last on the advantages of Digital Wellbeing as part of the update to Android 9.0.

Finally if you have a pix or Android Wen running Android 9.0, you can experience Digital Wellbeing from the settings menu., the Will everyone wait to experience the water, and if you don’t like the wait the application ActionDash includes all the features of this property and more available on any Android device.

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