Features hidden functions in iOS 13 you know it

During the WWDC conference 2019 in the 3 last June, Apple announced that an iPad will receive a special operating system, which iPadOS, and iOS will be exclusively on the iPhone. Showed demo versions of early operating systems the effectiveness of the separation of iOS for iPadOS. Did not know the official time to those systems, but Apple usually launches to the public at the time of the middle of the month of September (the launch of iOS 12, on 17 September 2018). Apple has said last week launched a version of the second beta version for iOS 13, followed by the launch of the public beta –this link– . With the launch of the trial version, it is checking the system and its new features and troubleshoot even be the final version polished and consistent as possible. During this examination it is also found on features not mentioned by Apple at the developers conference and may not know a lot about, something is discovered at the launch of the system. This is what happened in the past few days where it was the discovery of five features hidden functions of you know we have.

A lot of warnings privacy

Added Apple feature in iOS 13 which you’ll find a new icon is a microphone as in the picture above. This icon means that an app is running the microphone of your device, either directly or in the background. And of course you will be able to know what is the application of settings.

Another update which is if he wants the application to use Bluetooth to transfer some information from your device to any of the external accessories you’ll get the message requested the consent of the first

If the microphone is the little blue visual indicator on to your privacy and Knowledge Discovery

Notifications smarter

A simple feature but it great and show how Apple’s attention to detail. Got someone to notice that there is a trip you need to do now to the city of Los Angeles. Immediately after the find Apple’s system shows no notice of the weather in Los Angeles it is recommended that this notification based on flight recorded in the calendar it has. A small feature but great to build Apple notifications based on events of its own.

Warning level of ambient sound

We know that Apple care about the health of the fish in the next versions. In System hours Apple will warning users when wearing the noise of the ocean level may harm the health of the fish. Also in the iOS system 13 will be audio track associated with and warning the user of the risk of damaging the hearing of his. Settings that water has been integrated into the health application in the list of tracking new image which looks like a pedometer.

Convert Live Audio to a video or a moving image

Live images are original not a moving picture, as some believe and only works on the iPhone only, and if you move it on the computer you’ll find her working as a video file and not as an image. In iOS 13 can convert the live audio to the video so you can share it with users of Android, it can be converted to animated image with GIF.

Use the mouse to move in camera

Which we knew also that users can connect a mouse docking-iPhone. But what was discovered is that you can zoom the camera or zoom in and out. Certainly there will be other features can be done by using the mouse, and you need only wait.

What do you think of those features? Any feature you like the most? Tell us in the comments.



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