Features Huawei P20 Pro, which you will not tell in the reviews

Huawei P20 Pro is the flagship with a great camera. Now owners of the device have noted problems with the shell, which, in their opinion, lag. However, the device has other features to share with those who wish in future to purchase gear.

We will be based on the opinion of the canadian owner of the P20 Pro, which released a video on the channel Picky About Tech. He uses the camera not as a primary, but rather as a cameraphone, but even in this case, he was able to identify a number of interesting features.


On the official canadian website flaunt all versions of P20 Pro, including gradient color, but only black version. Pretty embarrassing moment for the canadian consumer.


Smartphone owner noticed in some reviews P20 Pro case that comes in the kit, however, in the version for Canada of the case.

The protruding camera

Camera P20 Pro performs quite badly, so much so that even in case the camera glass will be scratched on the surface.


It is very fast!

The cutout in the display

Some applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat, are not adapted to be cut. The upper part of the stories Instagram simply cut, leaving the screen 2/3 of the user’s avatar.


It is difficult to get used to the neckline, so the first time the owners of the smartphone will be swiping, pushing the curtain with notifications, not on the sides of the screen, and the center, thereby leaving traces on the glass front of the camera.

Notification icons

Smartphones with the neck, usually on the left of the status bar are the only notice and the right variety of indicators. In the case of P20 Pro icons scattered strange: the left side along with notifications, you can observe the Wi-Fi icon and “In plane”. This prevents you to quickly view new notifications.

Long display

The author of the video believes the smartphone is very long. Reach one hand up to the upper area of the display, it is simply not possible. However, a nice feature will be the presence of the control mode with one hand, by analogy with MIUI.


Many obzorschiki, and now the author of the video, noted problems with the device after installing a third party launcher that stops and re-starts the native launcher Huawei.

Stereo speakers

A canadian colleague was surprised by the use of the earpiece as a second and complementary to the work of the basic mechanical dynamics. Yeah, not every device can boast of such, so take this as a feature.


Surprise was the indicator light, located in the neck.

Incorrect operation of some applications

For example, in a strange way Snapseed works scrolling, the gesture approach, which the author of the video did not notice on other devices.

Charging time

Yes, the device supports fast charging, and complete you can find an adapter with support for Quick Charge. However, if the adapter is too lazy to go or if you charge the device in the car, the charging process will be very long.

Android Auto

Many complain about the work of the Huawei smartphones coupled with Android Auto, and the problem concerns not only P20 Pro. The problem is the frequent breaks in the Bluetooth connection stops playing the track and so on.

The main camera

The author of the video noted the excellent quality of the basic 40-Megapixel camera.

3X zoom

If you use threefold increase, you may notice low resolution images, and poor work focus.

Front camera

If you switch to the front camera, the default mode is portrait, which blurs the photo and makes your face look unnatural. If you select automatic mode, then back to switch to front camera mode will change to portrait. And it’s a really bad moment when every time when switching to front camera the user needs to switch to automatic mode.

Manual shooting mode

In the manual mode to change the settings on the screen shows the current settings of the selected auto mode, however, if the user wants to slightly change these values, it will not be easy. Because when you try to change them, the smartphone will prompt you to begin a choice not with the value selected automatic mode or from the extreme, under which is the icon for silent mode.

Automatic shooting mode

If in auto mode to change the exposure by swiping up or down and then take a picture, the camera will still reset the exposure settings to automatic.

Night photo mode

He’s amazing. Night shots are the highlight of the smartphone.

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