Features in the Galaxy Note 9 not present in devices iPhone !

In August last Samsung has launched a phone of its flagship Galaxy Note 9 in a major event after a number of large installations to receive flagship phone, and the last we exited the Apple air its new EVO Xs and X max, and already we’ve seen a bunch of comparisons between the two phones in terms of camera, performance etc. But what’s in the Galaxy Note 9 and in the Evo’s?

  • The S Pen smart

Definitely the advantage of the S Pen found in the series of Galaxy Note can’t identify them in the phones EVO, but after the launch of the S Pen smart and Bluetooth with Galaxy Note 9 has become the big difference of these people.

The S Pen, a new group of sophisticated and intelligent of the tasks related to the phone remotely, to control music and take pictures and control the operation of the phone all through the Bluetooth connection.

It says the phone without the smart tool functions intractable, such as writing and drawing out the human and send messages by hand, or even convert writing to typed text.

There is also a unique feature perhaps not many people know a feature “smart”, by using the S Pen you can copy and paste texts that can’t be copied, like the captions in the problems of Instagram and similar, where people pen to copy text selected by you, so that you can paste or share!

  • Connecting more than a headset via Bluetooth on the phone.

Provide Samsung important feature convenient for users Note 9 who prefer to share music with others, by the possibility to connect more than Bluetooth headset on the phone, specifically to hear the two until now.

To connect the headset to two Bluetooth through the Settings, scroll to “contacts” and “connections”, then Bluetooth, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the phone, and then choose “advanced” “advanced” and look for the words “dual audio” “sound of double” will say the phone scans the headset-ins that you want to use and connect to it.

  • Schedule text messages

Using the messaging app on the Galaxy Note You can give the text a title, as is the case with e-mail, you can write text messages using the S Pen and the phone automatically converts it to text, but the important feature here is that you can schedule text messages.

You can do this by clicking the “+” button beside the message field text, and then choose “schedule a text message” to “schedule text message”, then will open the calendar and time, select the time you want to send the message, and then type the message and press send to phone automatically send at the time you specified.

Although your iPhone does not have a feature similar, except that you can schedule texts on your iPhone using the application to schedule the messages, allows three messages scheduled per month free; scheduling Unlimited will cost $ 3 per month.

  • Set the video clip as main phone

This feature probably doesn’t know a lot of users Note 9, but if you walk into the gallery and open the video clip, and press the three dots in the upper right corner of the phone will show a range of options among which the option “set as Wallpaper” “set as wallpaper” which will enable you to set the video clip as wallpaper for your phone.

  • Put the Glove ‘Glove mode’

Needs Note 9 for a special mode called “Glove mode” or put on the gloves, which is developed to increase the sensitivity to touch so you can use the phone when wearing gloves.

To increase touch sensitivity, you’ll move on to the advanced features in your device Settings, then find the “touch sensitivity” and activate it.

  • Beast Mode “Beast mode” for faster performance super:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 faster than you can imagine, it depends on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which works at up to 2.8 GHz, which it’s faster than the iPhone X up to 2.39 GHz, and iPhone XS Max new which is said that it comes at the speed of 2.5 GHz, but with the mode “beast” in Note 9, the phone can work much faster and allows applications and web pages to communicate at the moment.

Like in your iPhone can take a few seconds to launch an application such as Twitter, with Beast Mode on your Samsung, take a run application Facebook again (for three seconds on the iPhone 8); the second one to run Google Maps (for five seconds on the iPhone); and a half-second to Twitter to Note 9 for three seconds on the Evo!

To enable Beast Mode, go to Settings, then to “about phone” “About Phone”, scroll down to program information.

Click on the “build number” and “build number” seven times, which will open Developer options, from there, scroll down to the “measure of the duration of the animation” “animator duration scale” you will find the scale you want the animation to 1x which is the factory setting but if you choose 0.5 x, and will make the phone faster than you can imagine!

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