Features iOS 13 the expected and desired

Focused iOS 12 to improve the speed and stability of performance for the occasion of old devices, coupled with the improved way to interact with notifications, What Can provides iOS 13’s?

In accordance with the arrangements of the building, will focus iOS 13 to update the appearance of the facade, including the addition of changes is long overdue, but what we hope is to update the software of the camera to catch up with Google, and necessary updates for major applications the likes of the Safari browser.

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1) Dark Mode: according to Bloomberg, working Apple to bring the dark mode of Mac Mojave to iOS 13, where will the situation look more pronounced along with the rest of the eye from the emission of blue rays associated with light eye and finally, the rationalization of consumption of a battery for iPhone that uses the screen Olid.

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2) Home screen-new: redesigned the Home screen was one of the nurses Commons it arrives with iOS 12, it is said that Apple has delayed it in favor of focusing on the stability of the adda system.

3) new services: reports indicate that Apple is working to launch a new video within the TV application, to provide some series original free for users of the iPhone.

4) additional features: report Wall Street that the live sound will increase a pressure to a 6 seconds, there will be an option to make the email conversations in the silent mode.


Don’t expect a lot of information about iOS 13 in this moment of cleansing, so here’s what we hope to announce next June, where they were usually the declaration of the new version of the operating system at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

1) camera smarter: we would like to see a feature suitable for Night Mode “Night Sight” phones pixels. Also want to add Apple TV the possibility of launching the camera application for twice on the button to lock the phone, which is possible considering he can currently Click three times on the lock button to activate the mode magnifying glass that uses the camera zoom high.

2) the creation of moving pictures: convert live images to animated GIF requires a paid application or use the application to Redis, but this may change with the submission of the feature within the system.

3) improvements on the control center: it possible to set a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly from the Control Center without entering the settings, and the option to disable the Bluetooth from the settings and close it completely not just turn off search for a device to connect to.

4) improvements to the music app: maybe you should set Apple’s design of the music app so that the rival Spotify which has become supports gestures drag to move between clips of music, which offers three tabs key more clearly than tab apps Apple TV five (the office, for, Browse, Radio, search).

5) the application for the Ayr best: Apple to launch the second generation of the headset Airbus updates great of which depends on the sensor, so it is very natural to be accompanied by a special application running on the customize settings to use.

6) copy the Safari comprehensive: sometimes you might find yourself restricted when using Safari on the iPad, albeit justified by, the development of the tablet PC so that access to the iPad Pro 2018 on version Photoshop full soon, makes us aspire in the presence of a version Safari full or to allow Apple to release a version of Chrome and Firefox full for Tablet.

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