Features Nexus phone 6P have compensated $ 400$

At the suggestion of Google and Huawei for settlement, you can pay the two companies for millions phone phone Google Nexus 6P up to $ 400 dollars, and that after that the raise some of the users class action lawsuit on problems in their devices.

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Settlement awaits final approval from the court, and the total amount for up to 9.75 million for the lawsuit were first introduced in April 2017, where they indicate a problem in the phone lead to stop some women from working altogether, even in the case of a factory reset due to a major problem in the battery lead to stop the work for even if it was charged enough.

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This phone made by Chinese company Huawei for the company Google, with a screen size of 5.7 inch and the Ram 3 is and processor Snapdragon 810 and a battery capacity of 3450 mAh.

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