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One of the important points that paid Google to put Android Q is the new way to maintain the privacy of your personal information, where Google gives you more control over which apps can access your personal data, the feature comes Privacy Android Q new in the form of more controls in the site section, the privacy allotted in the application settings.

Before we look at the new features you should know that Android Q currently in beta, with the official version available in late this summer, if you want to help Google to test it, you can subscribe to the demo version of the Android Q and provide feedback, as we have already reported that the main objective of this new system is the privacy so let’s start by taking a look at the privacy section, where you can control the apps data and Google services that can be accessed.

Privacy in Android Q

أحد المميزات الجديدة والمهمة في نظام Android QOne of the nurses new and important in Android Q

This section contains the elements of the privacy control for apps and services on your phone, and you can also access the settings of the Account Activity Google your, the beginning has been to find the main water department new privacy under the manager option, the permissions in this section you will find a list of all the groups different permissions to the list of those apps that can currently access to these permissions.

For example there is a section for applications that have requested access to your calendar, click the calendar option to view applications that have access currently and those that don’t have access, you can turn App Access on or off with the click of a switch,

Another change likely to notice it immediately after installing Android Q is a new claim when you open an app that uses your location information, you will be asked now whether you want to grant this app access to your location all the time, even when the app is closed or running in the background, or only while using the app actively, the site section in the Settings app is where you can review applications that do not have access to your site.

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Another thing you should notice on your phone with the system Android Q new, go to Settings> Location> so the app to get a list of all applications installed on your phone which has permissions to the site, scroll through the list to view the applications and the status of authorization current, Start menu applications is currently enjoying full-access to your site at the top, then move to The “during use” not never, select apply to change the permission on its site, you have three options: allow all the time, and let just during use, or rejected.

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