FedEx is suing the U.S. government because of Huawei and Chinese companies

The case of FedEx Express against the U.S. government after the problems related with Huawei of China since the period of the county’s recent US.

فيديكس تقاضي الحكومة الأمريكية بسبب هواوي والشركات الصينيةFedEx is suing the U.S. government because of Huawei and Chinese companies

The lifting of the FedEx logistics and Courier a case against the United States government motivated its claim very hard to control parcels because of the laws restricting exports faced by several Chinese companies, including Huawei – the most affected.

The company said that we don’t have any responsibility in the shipment of packages bearing the products of Chinese companies banned recently.

And police it, he means to force her to control the parcels on a daily basis, which is a process close to impossible in the control of packages, especially talking about more than 15 million expelled you plug it in every day around the world.

For its part, stated the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce that they did not review the case, but he stressed that the most important defense for the security of the country.

There was uproar last week when the FedEx re-fired with the phone Huawei to the UK after being sent to the United States.

These were not the problem are the first courier service of America, since the declaration of the ban on the Chinese companies, where it has already been accused by Huawei by tapping on the parcel sent by the company.

He said the Chinese company at the time that FedEx baptized for the transfer of certain documents to the United States after that I sent from Vietnam to China.

It is indicated that the Chinese government is processing a list of states that will ban it soon as a response to the U.S. ban to buy it.


Wall Street Journal

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