FedEx refuses shipment of Huawei to the United States because of the U.S. ban


Due to the Prohibition of the United States of America to buy Huawei in the country, fear many American companies and the consequences continue to deal with the Chinese company. As you probably know, it has been banned Chinese police explicitly deal with corporate America in the last month by the administration of Donald Trump due to ” security concerns “.

The deployment member frustrating of the magazine PC Magazine tweet on the Twitter network about the location where one of the members of the team in the UK to send the phone Huawei P30 Pro for the test to Indianapolis via FedEx only to eventually discover that it has been re-package him. Was put a great big note on the package which says explicitly that he returned the package to its original owner by company FedEx because of the participation of the United States government with Huawei and the Chinese government.

And of course, I knew FedEx contents of the package because of the customs paperwork required. However, it turns out that the executive order had been misinterpreted by the agency of the customs that come with the package. As a result of all that, there is a PC Magazine Magazine to UPS, which accepted to send a parcel to United States gladly. Have confirmed all of the UPS and Huawei since then that there is no law that says ban the import of devices Huawei.

The law of the U.S. embargo only says Nice companies and telecommunication companies America of dealing with the company Huawei, which are unrelated to the transfer of telephone to the United States of America have already been purchased somewhere else. I decided to FedEx not to deal with the problem at all, this seems understandable because of the ban the whole was a mess of confusing and we can’t blame the companies don’t prefer to deal with this thorny problem.

Anyway, still the trade war between China and the United States without any agreement in sight. It was the American President Donald Trump has previously acknowledged that the United States would be willing to negotiate on the fate of the company Huawei in the United States if they could benefit from a business deal.

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