FedEx think it says that an unintentional mistake caused in the non-delivery of parcels Huawei

FedEx think it says that an unintentional mistake caused in the non-delivery of parcels Huawei

The company said FedEx on Sunday that the error operational condition without delivery of the expelled continued to buy Huawei technology to the United States, just weeks after the company announcement transfer of the parcel of America for the error led to the delivery of the parcels from the Chinese company to the addresses of the error.

She said the newspaper Global Times, in a tweet later is likely to add police to the list of Chinese ”non-trusted“ because of this incident, which occurred days before meeting the US President Donald Trump with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Japan sought to calm trade war.

Exceeded trade tensions between the United States and China limits the tariffs, especially after that put Washington company Huawei, the largest manufacturer of communication devices in the world, on the Black List actually prohibit American companies from dealing with the Chinese company.

She said FedEx told Reuters in a statement sent via e-mail ”the package referred to was returned by mistake to the shipping company, we apologize for this operational error“. Confirmed a spokeswoman for the company that the package was headed to the United States, but did not specify the content of the package.

China was threatened in late May disclose its list of unprecedented businesses, groups and individuals of foreign ”non-trusted“ who are hurting the interests of Chinese companies.

Was received Ministry of Commerce of China, or FedEx on request by commenting on the possibility to add FedEx to the list of ”unreliable“. Global Times issued by the people’s daily of the Communist Party of China case.

China began an investigation into FedEx Corporation earlier this month after the delivery of the parcels belonging to Huawei to the addresses of error, without stating the details of the leaks and replace the problem.

He told news agency New China (Xinhua) then it should not be considered to control the current in is the parcel that was delivered by FedEx to the addresses wrong on that Revenge of the American company, under dispute trade.

The company said shipment of parcels, on Sunday ”can you FedEx to accept the transfer of all Huawei’s products, except for any shipments sent to the entities for Huawei included on a list of U.S. entities“.

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