FedEx unveils a carriage-driving to deliver packages

فيديكس تكشف عن عربة ذاتية القيادة لتوصيل الطرود

Delivery services-driving through the modular plug of Small has become a big deal with a high volume of market purchases and recommendations globally, Amazon is developing drones, and then a little cart the size of the fund to deliver orders near, the same which has done a number of projects emerging today, decoding the role of the FedEx which revealed her cart SameDay Bot.

The cart FedEx SameDay Bot system self-driving that enables the delivery from the place of purchase to the recipient automatically without the need for the considerable human and therefore reduce the costs and human element at work, where they contain Wheels 4 wheels key and hurry up the front to help in planning off-road or bumps and at the top there’s a box marked for parcels and preferably to the user only.

Protecting the Throne card inside of it help them on the war and Mr. at the rate of 10 miles per hour, and can recognize the streets and deal with traffic automatically thanks to a system of driving mechanism which deals with the sensors LIDAR to measure after the Arabs of the surrounding objects as well as artificial intelligence.

Aims of FedEx through her cart to provide the means of delivery in partnership with local museums in the United States such as Walmart Target etc, where it says that most consumers live within 3 miles or less from stores, which means near the place and easily plug.

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